Why Hire an Insurance Restoration Professional

When someone’s home falls victim to flooding, a fire or damage caused by high winds, the homeowner’s first thought is usually, “How can I get this fixed as quickly as possible.” Unfortunately with most homes, solving this kind of problem isn’t as simple as breaking out the Shop-Vac or the tool box. Insurance companies must be contacted and people must be hired to properly repair the damage. For most homeowners, this process is new to them, and their lack of experience could potentially lead to inadequate repairs or added costs not covered by their insurance. 

Hiring a restoration contractor is one way homeowners can ensure the repairs on their home are being done right. Restoration contractors specialize in repairing damage caused by flooding, burst pipes, fire and smoke, mold, and wind. They have experience in properly addressing these sometimes tricky repairs and have a reputation in their community for quality work.

What Sets Insurance Restoration Specialists Apart?

If a tree crashes through your roof or a grease fire ruins your kitchen, you will need to call your home owner’s insurance company for an inspection before getting any reimbursement for damage repairs. Once the damage is assessed, it’s your job to hire a contractor. Using a builder or company that does not specialize in restoration construction is up to you, but could mean some important repairs or underlying problems caused by the accident go unnoticed and unaddressed. A specialist is trained to look for these underlying problems.

Restoration contractors have also built a business on being trustworthy and delivering quality work. In times of natural disaster, such as after a flood, hurricane or a major snowstorm, you will often hear news reports about fly-by-night repair operations delivering shoddy work or running off with large deposits, leaving the homeowner in the lurch. Dube Plus Construction has a track record of working extensively with homeowners and their insurance companies to get their lives and homes back together as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe it is important during your time of loss that you are able to focus on the needs of your family.

Insurance Restoration Specialists can help before the adjuster is called

Insurance adjusters are tasked with determining the cost of the damage so that you can pay for the repairs, but in some cases, adjusters miss hidden problems that are revealed once the construction crews start the job. Mold hidden inside drywall or structural damage aren’t always visible from a walk-through inspection.

Some people also feel the need to hire a “Public Adjuster” to protect themselves from being “taken” by their insurance company. We’ve found this uncovered cost can be quite expensive and takes money directly out of homeowners’ pockets before the insurance claim is even made. Insurance companies and their adjusters are concerned with being “taken” by unrealistic and often dishonest contractors, as well. It’s our experience that working with a trusted company eliminates these concerns and helps bring the estimated cost of reimbursement more in line with actual costs.

In some cases, restoration specialist will work with homeowners before the adjuster is called to determine the extent of the damage. This estimate can then be used as a guideline when meeting with the adjuster.

If you have any questions about restoration construction or any home repairs, please call Dube Plus Construction. Through our 19 years of service we have established trusted relationships with insurance adjusters, as well as our many clients we work with.

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