How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets for Remodel

Quality matters when choosing kitchen cabinets. Think of them as furniture used every day in a harsh, wet, hot environment.

Kitchen cabinets can be the most costly part of remodeling a kitchen, but today’s kitchen cabinet makers also offer hundreds of style combinations and special features. Whether your taste is modern or traditional, this guide will help you decide which cabinet is right for your new kitchen.

New cabinets, new doors or just a coat of paint

Before undertaking the cost of new cabinetry, think about what you can save from your existing cabinets. If they are relatively new and in good shape, consider staining or painting them. This can be done yourself over a weekend, or you can hire someone to do it. New paint, hinges and hardware is an affordable way to spruce up a dated looking kitchen.

If the doors are dinged, warped or no longer close like they should, consider buying new. If the cabinets themselves are sturdy and hung in an arrangement you like, you can save a little by buying just new doors and resurfacing the cabinets. While this does cut down costs a bit, doors are the most expensive part of the cabinet. For a little extra, you can buy all new cabinets and get the layout and design you want.

Style matters

Knowing what door style you like will help whittle down the choices in your cabinet search. The most common style found in kitchens today is the Shaker-style cabinet. This style gets its name from the clean and simplistic furniture style well-known in New England and gives any kitchen a polished look. For homeowners looking for a more modern look, there’s the flat-style cabinet. These cabinets come in a wide range of laminates and wood colors, giving homeowners a wider palate to work with. Another modern style for those who like a more architectural look is the louvered-style door. These have horizontal slats across the front of the door and can be a good choice for any area that needs ventilation, such as a laundry space.

Perhaps you want open shelving, or glass in your cabinet doors to reveal dishes inside. These are popular options for people who like a cottage or vintage kitchen look. The wood and glass in these style cabinets now come in a variety of styles.

Also think about how you’d like the doors to be hung. Framed cabinets are hung outside the frame of the cabinets, typically hiding the hinges. Frameless or inset cabinets have doors set within the frame of the cabinet. This typically exposes the hinge and can be more expensive. We find this is a popular look, however, because it provides more space when opening the cabinet.

Get your hardware

Take a look at kitchens you like and think about how the drawer pulls, handles and knobs will fit into your kitchen. Will you go with simple brushed nickel knobs or are you looking for more splashy colored glass? Some cabinets come with hardware included, while others allow homeowners to select their own.

Think about the inside

Drawers for easily accessing pots and pans, spice racks and other cabinet accessories can help make your kitchen easier to use. Think about how you use your kitchen, what you like about your kitchen now and what items in your kitchen you wish were easier to access. This can guide you toward picking the right cabinet accessories.

Need more storage?

If you just don’t seem to have enough space in your current cabinets for all the food, dishes and gadgets you need, think about adding an island, hutch-style cabinets, pantry or other storage. Perhaps you need a space that doubles as a home organization center for mail, phone charging and family calendar. There are cabinet layouts that can add storage and usability for a wide range of tasks.

Have questions about what cabinet is right for you? Dube Plus Construction can provide further information to help you decide which cabinet fits your style and budget.

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